Combine two industries, solve problems, and the birth of Alpha Horses racing game
Digital Gaming Industry, Although this is not much oldest industry, Prior to the 1970s, we can say that it did not exist, but advancements in computers and electronic equipment gave birth to this industry. Now it has billions of dollars in the market.
As per the data, the gaming industry rapidly increases every year even during the pandemic COVID-19, this industry boosted even though other industries went down. According to data, it has a market of 240 billion dollars and is expected to reach at around 300 billion dollars in 2024.

Combine two industries, solve problems, and the birth of Alpha Horses racing game?

We have combined these two industries by developing our web3 Blockchain-based game. We solved many traditional horse racing problems as well as take digital gaming to the next level of NFTs, where every player has owned their items in their wallets instead of depending on third-party game servers so that is the real owners of their gaming asset and even, they can trade it on the market place.

So, the above approach gives the Birth to Alpha Horses web3 game

Solutions of traditional gaming problem details are below:

✓ Less Expensive: Players can enter the game at economical costs, it’s very cheap compared with traditional horse racing games.
✓ Time-Saving: It saves time. Players do not need to wait to raise horses or wait to join competitions like in traditional horse racing games, they can play the Alpha Horse racing game anytime.
✓ Play-Anywhere: Now players can enjoy and play this game around the globe with help of technology and even they don’t have to buy high-end graphics cards to play this game because it will run the web browser and it will take fewer computer resources.
✓ Prevent Frauds: With the help of blockchain technology it is impossible to temper gaming data because blockchain is immutable in nature we cannot change the data when it was written so our web3 game is totally scam-proof. So, everyone has an equal chance to win the races of the Alpha Horse game