Equipment's purpose

Equipment plays an important role in the Alpha Horse Meta-verse

Total 7 types of Equipment get used in AlphaHorse. Players can use different types of equipment to improve your horse's speed, concentration and control just like in a real life race. Digital based game, but to give Real-Life Experience.
Therefore, the use of these equipment in our meta-verse is to increase player's chance of winning. Some of the equipment are mention below:
  • Skin: Skin can be useful to showoff the horse's look. Skin makes horse attractive and unique from other horses.
  • Horse Shoe: The better the horseshoe, the stronger the horse will be able to show its full speed.
  • Saddle: A good saddle means passion and perfection to the highest degree. A craftsmanship that finds its completion in our saddles.
  • Jockey Silks: Silks are the uniform that a jockey wears during a race. The colorful jackets help the race commentator and the fans identify the horses on the track.
  • Bridles: The bridle allows the rider to control the horse's head, and also the speed and direction of the horse. It helps to restrain a horse's movements when necessary.
  • Blinkers: Focus is very important while racing. More the focus, greater the chances of winning.
  • Whip: The whip may be used to encourage a horse to perform better if horse is in contention during the race.
Properties will be revealed soon in game whitepaper