First 3D Game on Sui Blockchain

AlphaHorse Ecosystem:

We have already done our partnerships and collabs with more than 80+ Projects. AlphaHorse is the first 3D Horse-racing game coming on SUI blockchain.
Each horse is different not only in look or colour, but also in its genetic structure, which will be stored on the blockchain.
They have xx different characteristics and xx different colours.


You probably use one of the features our core development team helped create every day because they all work for the biggest technology firms in the world.
Unlike other JPEG NFT projects, AlphaHorse is unique. We are a six-person, global team that includes managers, advisors, moderators, developers, and designers. We got the best brains to bring the best product to support the NFT and Gaming Industry.


The outcome of the project will depend heavily on this Phase, which is the most crucial one. Any project needs a strong, encouraging community that is committed to the project's goals in for it to succeed.
We are developing our community on Twitter, Discord, and also on Crew3 , where we connected with thousands of people.