Problems Targeted

Traditional Horse Racing game industry & Their Problems:


The horse racing game has a very old history, it is one of the most ancient of all sports. Much evidence suggests that it was initially started in Rome, Greece, etc.
Although we do not know when the first horse race was held, looking at the earliest record we know that it was the part of Greek Olympic games in the period between 700 to 40 BCE.
Today, Horse Racing is a well-known sports game. According to the article of Zion Market Research group, this game growing rapidly every year by around 8%, as per the record in 2019, the market of the Horse Racing industry was around 166 billion dollars and is expected to rapidly increase to 300 billion dollars between the period 2020-2026.

Problems in the traditional horse racing industry?

• Expensive: It is very expensive to own a good breed horse and its equipment and participate in races.
• Time-Consumable game: It took a long time to rise a horse at home and also participating in racing competitions takes time.
• Availability: Some countries do not perform horse racing so interested people are unable to play their favourite game.

Most Important, Corruption and Frauds in horse racing

• Frauds: Although horse racing games become an incredibly lucrative sport, a lot of money is involved in the prizes, so when thee is money, definitely they can be also some scams, horse racing games have frauds like doping the horses, fixing the matches, etc.
So, the above-mentioned industry is rapidly increasing day by day so there are a lot of opportunities in this industry and also some problems associated with it, now we will discuss the second trending industry (Digital Gaming Industry) and try to combine both of them to develop a game.