Utilities of AlphaHorse NFTs:

There are many utilities attached to AlphaHorse NFTs. This article will describe and simplify all the information related to rewards:
1. Staking: Staking is one of the way to earn rewards while holding your NFT. NFTs can be staked on Alphahorses.net/staking(TBA) where holders will earn APR. Rewards will be differentiated according to the rarity of NFT. Rewards can be claimed through our website by connecting your sui wallet. Rewards will be distributed through our token.
2. Through Game: Our users will be able to play the game and earn real-time rewards through breeding, racing, renting out their horses, and much more which will be discussed more in another section.
How it is a WIN-WIN situation ?
The current gaming industry is far from being player-friendly. Everything is focused on spending and losing rather than earning.
Giving players a variety of quick and simple ways to profit is one of AlphaHorse's fundamental user experience concepts. Users can earn money by participating in a variety of game-related activities.